Kent Kordt Röder

Prize-winning media, event & meeting personality



Denmark - Europe

Basically it is just the basics.

My life is all about meeting people. Whether it is in relation to my job or with my family and friends.

Organizing congresses, meetings, fairs, award shows or setting the scene for the best chefs of the gastro world or sailors of the big oceans.

Have we met yet?


meeting people is personal

Passion & Expertise

The solutions of tomorrows challenges can be found in the meeting between people who are willing to share their knowledge.

Social and yet absent

At anytime I do prefer meeting face to face but sometimes we can narrow down distances by using technology. Meet me online today.

the danish way

Shoulders down and a bit direct that might be part of the Danish mentality. It's not to be rude but to make sure we deliver.

Remember your visit

Eating smørrebrød inside a bunker from WWII and at the same time hearing the story about the local resistance might be a thing to remember.

just a look back in time

this used to be my playground

I have had the opportunity to meet people all over the world in different contexts. I used to meet people through the radio, at a concert or large event and I have worked with amazing people at some great organisations.

Take a look – this used to be my playground.

“Creative and People management would be the key words from me”

Claus Thiel Sørensen, CEO

a passion for life

It's my life so i'm involved

I have been running in my spare time for years. It seems like the the right place for me to clear my mind and deal with the daily rumble.